About Daniel Crawford Grape City

For over 20 years, Daniel Crawford has worked in a variety of roles at Grape City Group, an international software developer and services provider headquartered in Sendai, Japan. He has served since 2008 as executive vice president of the corporation’s global division. Over the course of his career with Grape City, Daniel Crawford has cultivated a robust background in technology and cross-cultural business management, as well as displayed a dedication to continual development of his problem-solving, strategic planning, and leadership skills.

In an earlier role with the company as director of international business development, Mr. Crawford made contributions to Developer Tools. While working within the company’s Japan group, he served as an information technology (IT) manager. He has handled IT infrastructure and worked with Microsoft Networks and Novell software. As director of business solutions, he managed consulting, pre-sales, and the customer services division. Among his achievements in developing client accounts, he has executed major contracts for work on Sony Style China’s online store and Syngenta’s customer relationship management system.

At Tamagawa University, he studied East Asian languages. He has attained proficiency in the interpretation and translation of communications between Japanese, Chinese, and English languages. Also trained as a childhood educator, he possesses pre-kindergarten through sixth grade teacher certification.


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